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Product Description

1. Front Loading/Unloading gas powered coffee drum roaster with PefectRoast™ Digital Control Panel, roasts up to 15 pounds of coffee beans at once.

2. PefectRoast™ digital control panel controls the roast temperature via temperature presets and has a manual bypass for direct control of roast cycle. Dual Heat with front electric halogen array and rear heat from natural gas or liquid propane. Printable Coffee Roaster Log Forms.

3. Variable speed independent DC drive motor provides for an even roast by adjusting RPM's from 2 RPM to 15 RPM.

4. Large 10 inch diameter tempered glass viewing window allows tracking of bean color through roast cycle.

5. Roast Drum is 10 inches in diameter by 23 1/2 inches in length with Patented Stirring Vanes for an even roast.

6. Stainless steel drum with 5/32 inch perforations allow roast of both small and large green coffee beans.

7. Roast cabinet is table top size, 30 Inches in Length, 18 Inches Deep, 20 Inches High without Exhaust Attachment.

8. Coffee bean cool down pan is 25 inches by 25 inches by 8 inches high and is powered by included fan motor attachment.

9. Power requirement is 20 amps at 120 or 240 VAC.

10. Method of Roast is Dual Heat, two rear 1000 watt heating elements and 4 each 500 watt halogen lamps. .

11. Exhaust system is powered by a Cyclone Venturi ™ powered induction draft system.

12. Monitoring of roast temperature achieved through internal drum bean digital temperature probe with alarm setting to monitor bean temperature through entire roast cycle.

13. One year warranty on workmanship and materials.

14. Be informed of local commercial environmental codes concerning roasting and required compliance according to local food preparation and business codes.